NOW for RENT Room Housing Studio Wageningen

We offer very stylish FULLY furnished self -or semi contained detached apartments and lofts -or rooms and studio's, semi -or all private facilities, complete all you needs, so only to bring your suitcase and laptop !
For availability check below and also the navigationmenu (in mobile screen : 3 stripes in centre of white top) for more details.


Are you interested in a comfort accommodation / smart room turnkey ready at a toplocation in Wageningen in 2018 ?

Bookings are directly so without -/- no any extra administration fees.

Please use the email-button and send your email about renting in 2018 / 2019 including needed info :

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1. Arrival -and departure dates

2. How long is period of stay ?

3. which name room-accommodation ?

4. how many persons & gender (most rooms are for 1person-use only)

5. -and/or your question

Note :    All our housing is NOT suitable for family housing with children

We will gladly answer to you about the possibilities & waitinglist, perhaps it may take some time because it is very busy at the moment, thank you for understanding.

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