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We offer very stylish FULLY furnished self -or semi contained detached apartments and lofts -or rooms and studio's, semi -or all private facilities, complete all you needs, so only to bring your suitcase and laptop !
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Practical Information

Maintenance is necessary to maintain a pleasant and safe building. We take care for ensuring that future tenants can also utilize good accommodation. Planned maintenance concerns all the maintenance on the building that can be planned in advance. Also unplanned maintenace can happen, this concerns all the maintenance that can not be planned in advance, for example maintenance relating to complaints or turnover of tenants. If you, as a tenant, have a technical complaint, please notify this immidiatly so we can solve it; The work will in principle be performed between 8.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. Where possible, the work in the rooms will not be carried out until after 9.00 a.m. the nuisance will be kept to a minimum.

Living comfortable also means living without nuisance. Although in practice, nuisance can not entirely be ruled out, we try to reduce any inconvenience as much as possible. It is stated in the terms of the House Rules : It means that you must not cause nuisance, in any form, to your fellow tenants. In shared housing this means no drills or other noisy tools may be used during examination periods and in the evening so everybody can enjoy some quiet time in the rented property . Should you experience nuisance, first always try to resolve the problems yourself. If you fail to solve the problems together, please contact the caretaker. He will try to assist finding a solution.Are you experiencing nuisance due to maintenance, please have some sympathy. Performing maintenance work is not always possible without creating some disturbance, noise for example.

You receive one special numbered key to your room when you arrive. When you loose the key (cannot be copied for your own safety) of your room, we will replace the lock. The costs of placing a new key cylinder, new keys and the administration will be charged to you.

Prices stated in the rental contract for additional gas, water, wifi, electricity, citytaxes, wastetaxes and other costs (annual maintenance of heatingsystems, extinguisher-and smokedetectionsafetychecks) are not fix, are based on an advance monthly payment to providers and in case of additional consumption and/or fluctuating energy prices an additional payment may be possible necessary after final settlement. Rentprices can be indexed every year.

Long term of rental preferable : Rental/lease is from 1th of Sept till 31 of August, yearly;
Our concept is to avoid shortlease.

Rent subsidy / Housing benefit
Most of our studio's may be eligible for housing benefit (rentsubsidy), application must be made by the tenant and is income dependent, we have no control and/or guarantees in this. More information :

Fire and theft insurance
You have to take care of your own insurance, we can not be held responsible for damage to your property. Most international students have a student insurance with AON, which covers most parts, please check if this insurance covers your household contents and luggage. If you have a different insurance, you might want to insure yourself against fire or theft. The caretaker can give you information about cheap insurances. We cannot mediate in purchasing an insurance and-or individual rentsubsidy.

Although we hope it will never happen, it is important to know what you need to do in case of an emergency, such as a fire. The building has on every floorlevel fire distinghisers and smoke-detectors as also CO2.
For the tenants, there are two things that are essential in case of a fire; early detection of a fire (check regulary the CO2- and smoke detectors by test and renew battery) and cleared escape routes (no bikes/boxes/paper/suitcases/ect. are allowed in corridor -or the stairs). These are aspects that you can control and for which you have a degree of responsibility. Corridors and stairs that lead from your room outside are escape routes. If the corridors are free of obstacles, there is enough time for you and your fellow tenants to leave the building before the fire gets out of control. Smoke detectors are not required by law. People must take these measures themselves. We placed CO2- and smokedetectors to encourage fire prevention. This is in your best interest!

Extinguisher check
An official company checks every year to make sure that all extinguisher are 100% ready for use

How can you prevent a fire…

…in the home / your room?
  • Burning candles are cozy, but very oft placed on a instable underground and near combustible materials -or not extinguish the candles when you leave the room in a rush so we allow only electric and/or battery candles.
  • Turn the tv/pc/laptop/printer completely off when you are not watching it; do not leave it on stand-by.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited
  • Is there a fire extinguisher close by and how is your escape-route ? Make sure you know how it works. If there’s a fire, there will be no time to read the instructions, these came together with your signed roomrentalcontract.
…in the kitchen?
  • Never use water to extinguish an oil fire. Use a lid to cover an oil fire in a frying pan and leave it on until the fire is out. An oil fire can occur in a deep-fry pan or electrical cooking plate.
  • Be careful when using cleaning products; they can be combustible. If they come in contact with a cigarette or pilot light, a fire could easily be triggered.
  • Regularly clean the filter of the cooker head.
…doing odd jobs?

Combustible materials, fire and electrical appliances are often used while doing odd jobs. A fire can be easily triggered in such a case. Be careful of circumstances that could cause a fire:

  • Do not use sprays near a burner or a pilot light.
  • Be careful of open flames when painting. Paint strips are highly combustible. If they touch curtains or carpeting, a fire could occur.
  • Make sure that there is enough fresh air when you are painting. Paint is highly combustible. A cigarette or pilot light from the gas furnace could cause a huge fire.
  • Never use a rolled up cable reel, the heat cannot be released and could short circuit.

Instructions in case of a fire

If it’s a small fire, try to extinguish it yourself. If a small fire is discovered in time, it can be put out easily. Therefore, every floor has a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is sealed and provided with a lock pin.

How does the fire extinguisher work?
  • Remove the lock pin.
  • Aim the sprayer.
  • Squeeze the trigger. Be careful! The fire extinguisher is not capable of putting out a large fire!
In case of a larger fire:
  • Stay calm.
  • Make sure the fire cannot spread. Close all doors and windows and turn off the gas.
  • Immediately call 112 and alert your fellow tenants.
  • Leave the building using the escape routes.
  • Once you have left the building, inform the caretaker

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